About this blog and Manidhamma Manidhamma

Welcome to ‘Through Buddhist Eyes’ blog! Here you will find news and information about various Buddhist and Ambedkarite movement, meditation, social, environmental and cultural events – especially participated by Manidhamma and his friends.  

Dhammachari Manidhamma was born in a small hamlet in Central India. He was trained as a pilot and was ordained in 1994. Since his ordination he has worked in TBMSG/FWBO projects. He helped to set up a Buddhist Centre in Hyderabad and went to UK on Sngharakshita scholarship, undertaking a full time program of Buddhist study and retreats. He has a passion for study and his main interests include the Chinese language and Yogachara Buddhism. He is also visiting Hungary to comunicate Buddhism to Hungarian Gypsies. Currenty he is a student of Dharmapala College based in Birmingham.

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